Lloyd consistently assists his clients with identifying and overcoming emotional impediments that prevent personal growth and fulfillment. His unique ability to see beyond appearances, and facilitate lasting and meaningful change, is recognized by clients from all walks of life, including international sports and film celebrities, media professionals and political figures.

Lloyd has over 20,000 clinical patient hours to his credit, having served over 4,000 individual clients and hundreds of corporate clients. Among other achievements, Lloyd was integral in the development of the outpatient clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital, located in Toronto, Ontario, and offered consulting services to students at the National Ballet School, also located in Toronto, Ontario.

His 40+ year practice specializes in long-term, advanced psychoanalytic psychotherapy, couples therapy and corporate business consultation, and includes personality assessments, career counseling, consultation, coaching and PH.D. candidate supervision. Lloyd also performs leadership assessments, EQ-I, and follow-up coaching with regards to these tools.

Summary of Qualifications